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Jordan Di Dio

I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor to have worked with than Audrey Tanz.

A friend of mine had recommended Audrey and I reached out to her right away. I told her I was living in an older building in a part of town that I wasn’t fully comfortable in and I wanted very much to find a better place to come home to every night. I gave her a list of everything I was needing in a new place – safety, security, easy commute, beautiful building and more. The part that I thought would be most challenging though was my budget. But before I even had time to even tell myself that I would never find a place, she stopped me and told me she had the perfect one for me.

From the moment I walked into the building, it felt like a perfect fit. She hit everything on my list that I needed and more! Secure building, gorgeous floors, stunning views, beautiful neighborhood and best of all, IN MY BUDGET!

I couldn’t believe it, I told her just an hour after seeing the place that I wanted it, and less than a week after first meeting her, I was signing documents on my new apartment!

I truly feel so lucky to have met Audrey, not only did she listen to all my wants and needs, but after I said yes, she made the process so quick and easy. She pulled off what I thought may be out of reach for me – She found a place I can finally be proud to call home.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Audrey!