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Nancy Draghi

Audrey is amazing. I feel that I have known Audrey for a lifetime, dating back to when I first purchased my condo at the Galaxy in1986. From Day One, she has been a rock.

Audrey is a wealth of information, knowing her real estate market and understanding the needs of her clients.

In 1991 or so, I became a landlord at the Galaxy. It has been a seamless job, primarily because I have had Audrey helping me. She thoroughly vets potential tenants; she has recommended contractors,and reliable repair persons, when I have needed them; and she has even submitted paperwork to the Town for me.

She knows the Galaxy better than anyone else that I ever met there. She helps even when it is not technically “her job” to do so.

She cares about her clients. When she rents the unit for me, it is clear that Audrey wants everyone to be a winner. She is looking to satisfy the interests of both the client and the landlord.

I will end my review the way I started it.

Audrey is amazing.